A 30 minute cupping treatment is equivalent to 1.5 hours of massage!

Cupping is used to relieve pain, enhance circulation, loosen tight muscles and to promote overall health and wellness.It stimulates healing by loosening the muscles, fascia and connective tissue all within a single cupping session.

There are a host of health benefits that arise from cupping as it enhances blood and lymph circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Cupping is a treatment alternative to painkillers and medications. This therapy is used to decrease pain by healing muscles and tissues deep within the body. This allows the body to fall deeply into a relaxed state.

As blood flow increases within the vessels and capillaries, more blood moves to the tissues, providing nutrients and oxygen. In addition to proving food to the tissues, the increased circulation helps detoxify the body. Toxins are pulled up from deep within the body and brought up to the surface. By drawing impurities to the surface, toxins are reduced within the body, leaving room for better circulation.

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Our Happy Patients

My son and I have been seeing Dr. Patel for a little over 9 months for acupuncture and cupping. love cupping, when I began my first treatment I was having stomach issues, insomnia, headaches, Menopause issues, and I smoked a pack a day. Well, I've stopped smoking, I rarely have any stomach issues, my sleeping is improving each month. Not to mention my son's health issues have improved as well. Dr. Nirali Patel is absolutely amazing. I can not thank her enough for helping my son and I with all our health issues. Thank You.
Oona K.
I had my very first acupuncture experience at Unique Remedy Acupuncture, and I was quite apprehensive. Dr. Nirali Patel did an acupuncture treatment and cupping, and did an amazing job. She made sure she explained everything she was doing so I wasn't kept in the dark or wondering what was happening to me. Given how tight my muscles were, I was surprised that I could get the kind of results that I did. By the time we were done, I was completely relaxed and my muscles were loose for the first time in months! It was an amazing experience and I would absolutely visit this place again!
Shilpa C.