Treatments & Services

Results Without Medications, Side Effects Or Complications

Dr. Nirali Patel uses an integrative process to tailor each treatment to your individual needs.

Acupuncture Treatment

This treatment is to treat, prevent and maintain good health.  Your treatment will be individualized to your unique needs. 

Fire Cupping

Cupping is used to relieve pain, enhance circulation, loosen tight muscles and to promote overall health and wellness. 

Supplements Consultation

We will go over your personal needs based on goals, heath,and lifestyle. Treat everyday issues for a healthier life.

Skin Consultation

We will talk about your skin concerns, discuss the best course of treatment, recommendations and a skincare regimen for you to follow.

Facials & Rejuvenation

Acupuncture facials stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system, which promote healing and collagen production. 


Work with Dr. Nirali Patel and a nutritionist or personal trainer to make long-lasting positive changes to your fitness and wellness.

100% Positive Reviews

Our Happy Patients

Dr. Nirali Patel is my go-to Acupuncturist. She has helped me with digestive issues and stress. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for people looking to treat various internal issues with a holistic approach.
Dr. Meg S.
I am so happy to have met Nirali. Through her treatments (acupuncture and cupping), I have had significant positive health changes. I had never used cupping before so this has been very interesting and helpful! She also has a wonderful skincare line that I love. I have very sensitive skin and have only seen wonderful results.
Elizabeth C.