During this session, we will talk specifically about your skin concerns. This includes:

  • Your goals: History of your skin condition and what you are looking to achieve
  • Treatment: Best course of treatment for your skin
  • Herbs: Discussion of herbs to treat the root cause of your skin condition for long-term results
  • Products for your skin type: From the Unique Remedy skincare line as well as other recommendations
  • Regimen: Create an easy to follow skincare regimen that suits your lifestyle

* If possible, please provide pictures of your skin.

If you don’t get a chance to come in for your consultation, your consultation can be be done via email and/or FaceTime!

100% Positive Reviews

Our Happy Patients

Dr Nirali's products are amazing. I'm completely in love with how effective they are. I used to spend hundreds on high end brands but now I have switched to her anti-aging eye balm, facial cleanser and clay masks; not only is my face radiant and fine line free but I have saved a lot by switching to her products.Thank you Dr. Nirali!!
Rosalidia D.
I feel incredibly grateful to have found this practice. I was struggling with dry, breakout prone skin as well as all too regular headaches. The holistic approach with Nirali's skincare line, acupuncture, and her expertise has made all the difference. I feel really listened to and love that I have recently started adding cupping treatments to my visits. I look forward to each treatment and have no plans to stop anytime soon.
Jennifer S.