Vivek Katti

I found Unique Remedy on Yelp, and I am glad I did. Having sought out help to undo months of accumulated back/neck pain, Dr. Nirali really worked with me to get me comfortable with Acupuncture. Over the course of the treatment I can definitely see a marked improvement. Would highly recommend her if you are seeking Acupuncture/Cupping therapy.

Jagriti Hooda

I went to see Dr. Patel for chronic back and shoulder pain which I have struggled with for a very long time. This was my first time trying acupuncture so wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Patel took the time to explain to me the process and what to expect. She listens actively to your concerns and takes the time to explain things in detail. She is a very compassionate person and has excellent bed side manner. After about a month of weekly visits with her, I started noticing an improvement in my back pain and my mobility. The needles coupled with the E-stem technique really helps to release the deeper, hard to reach knots. Acupuncture does take a little bit of time to work so don’t expect instant results but it definitely provides long lasting relief. Dr. Patel also recommended some herbs for certain issues which have also helped me.

Rachel Chang

I’ve had chronic neck, shoulder, and mid-back pain for as long as I can remember. My primary sources of relief have been deep-tissue massages–which, feel AMAZING, but doesn’t actually fix the underlying muscle issues that have been causing me pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Patel for ~1.5 years so far and I’m so grateful I found her. I’ve been exposed to acupuncture before, but never experienced acupuncture with E-Stim to help address the deeper muscle issues. After about a month of weekly visits with Dr. Patel, I was really surprised that the tightness in my neck, shoulders, and back were getting so much better–and it was STAYING better. I really appreciate Dr. Patel’s patience and knowledge. She explains her process and the why/science behind it. Acupuncture is NOT a quick-fix treatment. For chronic issues, it takes patience and commitment to begin feeling results but these results stay rather than immediately revert back. I thought I knew where my muscle knots were because I could feel them in my neck and back. However, Dr. Patel’s treatment was able to uncover that those muscle knots were just superficial and there are actually deeper knots underneath that are actually the primary muscles that are causing me chronic pain. Also, note: for people who are new to acupuncture with needle movement to elicit that ‘twitch’ response, be sure to let Dr. Patel know if you are feeling light-headed or uncomfortable any time during your treatment! Dr. Patel is very attentive and compassionate with her patients and will adjust her techniques to make sure your body acclimates/responds well to the treatments. Thank you, Dr. Patel!! I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for an actual solution to healing chronic pain. 🙂 I’m so grateful for her in helping my chronic pains and helping me develop a healthy routine wellness treatment.

Sumrit Sidhu

This is a long awaited review. I came across Unique Remedy through ClassPass. I started seeing Dr. Patel in February 2020 for neck and shoulder stiffness; had burning sensation around shoulder area and muscular concerns in my right leg plus digestion issues. Let’s start with the office ambience – it is serene and relaxing. Dr Patel is a very sweet, amiable, calm, and down to earth person. She made me feel comfortable and customized the treatment (combination of acupuncture, cupping, e-stim) based on my needs. During each visit, she modified my treatment based on my existing or new concerns to target specific areas. Within few visits, my burning sensation was gone and I was able to move my neck and shoulder much more freely; digestion improved. Based on my experience and great results, I would highly recommend Dr. Patel for your health concerns.

Jose Chaparro

Thanks to Dr. Nirali Am able to play soccer and golf more often. I’ve tried physical therapy, massages, chiropractor, but the acupuncture and cupping treatment she’s been performing has really made a difference in my mobility and pain after playing soccer and golf. Her office is impeccable and she will make sure to get all details to perform the treatment needed to get you healthier as soon as possible.

Ravi Kiran Tadapaneni

I came across Unique Remedy through ClassPass. I thought I will give it a shot as I had a knee issue that was troubling me during workouts and while driving. I tried Chiropractor, massages and other stretching methods but it never really helped me. As I walked into her office, Dr. Patel greeted me very sweetly and she asked questions about my issues and lifestyle that would affect those health issues. She is a great listener and after getting all details she offered her diagnosis and walked me through her approach. On my first visit, she combined needles with cupping and truth be told, I came home with sore knees (a good sign) and the next day I hit the gym with knees giving great mobility – no tightness. What makes Dr. Patel’s treatment special is that she genuinely shows concern for real health issues and her approach clearly makes you feel the unseen knots/twitches in the muscle which would have got worse if left untreated. I have been visiting her weekly and slowly many muscle issues in the body are being taken care by her. Dr. Patel as a person too is very humble and sweet. She engages in casual conversation to build a bond with her patients and that makes me very comfortable during treatments. I highly recommend her for your body’s preventative and wellness treatments.

Yin T.

I met Dr. Narali Patel through ClassPass for cupping session. I was recommended to try acupuncture to treat my Psariatic Arthritis flare up and now I am really enjoying the results. The office is inviting and clean. Dr. Patel asks plenty of health questions to gauge your needs. She thoroughly understands Chinese Medicine, Westem Medicine and Women’s health to recommend self care. A great bonus is seeing the two the doggies Kona and Nala

Brian S.

I found Dr. Patel incidentally through ClassPass and after reading rave reviews, went in for a cupping and acupuncture treatment. As a clinician myself, I had been dealing with a nagging hip injury since medical school and had exhausted conservative methods to include rehabilitation and physical therapy on the western side of the spectrum. Now, I realize there are several things outside of the physical treatment that encompass the entire care package if you will – Dr. Patel is not only extremely knowledgable and amazing at her craft, she is professional, kind, attentive and has excellent bedside manner. The office environment was both warm and welcoming (and of course clean). Furthermore, she was able to both isolate and begin treating my issue at our first visit. The effects were nearly immediate. I’m back at CrossFit and have been cycling more so then when I first injured my hip all those years ago. As others have attested, I would not hesitate to recommend her or her services to anyone looking for a wonderful experience.

Charu K.

Nirali knows her craft! l am glad I found her through friend. She have treated our whole family and we are very satisfied with her service. Scheduling an appointment is very easy too.

Tony B.

Dr. Nirali has worked wonders for me. I though that I would never have relief from the lower back pain I had due to an injury. I was finally able to touch my toes again! I’ve been through the ringer of treatments and medications and was super skeptical of acupuncture in general. But it is working so well that I’m even recommending it! Thank you so so much Dr. Nirali!

Nikhil G.

Dr. Nirali Patel has been helping me with digestive issues.

I visited multiple doctors and tried different medicines with little to no positive results. In fact, things got worse over time. I had restless, sleepless nights, and was afraid of social situations. Doctors gave up on me. I almost lost hope and was in a dire situation.

After extensive research, I decided to try alternative medicines. I was a bit skeptic but after my first visit with Dr. Nirali Patel, I felt comfortable. She was warm and very welcoming. I’m very glad and grateful that I found Dr. Nirali. I have seen significant positive health changes and a few symptoms have subsided. I feel better overall. I have been suffering digestive issues for more than 2 yrs but have seen great progress with just 5 sessions. I’m hopeful about my health situation now.

With COVID-19 situation, a few sessions were on hold, but Dr. Nirali went above and beyond to ensure I had enough herbs/medicines. Thanks to her commitment and determination. She is an amazing person with positive energy. Very knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and listens to all your needs. She uses different techniques (ACP, Cupping, etc) and tailors treatment based on the needs. I would definitely recommend her.

P.S: She has two lovely little doggies.

Olamiyo O.

Amazing acupuncturist, the best I have encountered so far in my journey through holistic healing. It’s a beautiful session of detailed therapy, every single time I have gone in to see Dr Nirali, it has been a transformational experience.

Angela L.

Dr. Patel is amazing and attentive to her patients. She is very thorough. She always provides very professional service and advice. Her advice is always helpful. I highly recommend her!

Ammar B.

I’ve been suffering from excruciating back and leg pain for the last 5 years from a work-related injury. And after having tried all kinds of therapy. My next stop was Dr. Nirali’s acupuncture office. And to be honest I wish it had been my first stop a long time ago. Dr. Nirali was very thorough in establishing a treatment plan for me. She has been very kind and compassionate. After only a few sessions, I started to feel a gradual and steady decrease in my pain levels, with less tingling, and less shooting pain. Overall I’m able to move around and function better and now taking little to no pain medication whereas before I was on a daily regiment. It has been quite the transformation. Thank you, Dr. Nirali.

Moomie S.

Cupping and acupuncture treatments with Dr. Nirali Patel was the BEST spontaneous decision I have ever made!! I work in a research lab where I am constantly doing a lot of the same repetitive work, not realizing the strain this is having on my arms, shoulder and back. I was in a car accident in January and my back and neck pain was even worse. I tried deep tissue massages but that did nothing for me. One day of pain relief then back to the normal discomfort. I discovered cupping therapy and thought why not let’s try it and that where I looked up and found Dr. Nirali Patel. She is an amazing woman and I love her personality and the conversations we have. She gets straight to the point in order to figure out what exactly could be causing the discomfort. Playing with her therapy dogs at the end of my appt is the best part of the day. If it wasn’t for her I would not have known how terribly inflamed and bad my neck, shoulders and back really were. She recommended acupuncture and I was definitely nervous because I’ve heard so many bad things but she took all those fears away and the first time I tried it, i felt amazing (not an exaggeration) it felt great for a few days but of course my back was so bad that it was only temporary relief. However, I have been going to her consistently (now onto my 5th session) and I cannot tell you how amazing I feel. I literally fall asleep every time, it’s so soothing and relaxing! I can sleep better at night because I don’t have discomfort in my neck anymore. My posture and improve A LOT! I don’t get constant mild headaches anymore because she was able to release the exact point that was traveling up from my mid back that was causing all that pain and discomfort. Now, she’s focusing on my arms and I’ve already felt more of a difference than any massages I’ve had. If massages aren’t working try acupuncture. Dr. Nirali is professional and highly skilled in her field. I would highly recommend people to visit and try it out. It’s never uncomfortable and she really does work with full dedication and enjoys what she does. Actual have an appt with her in 2 hours! Cannot wait!!

Christina F.

Back in February I injured my knee during training. I powered through the pain and continued training for about a week. It was at the point where the swelling was so bad that walking was unbearable. I finally went to seek medical attention and was told that I need to ice, rest and elevate my knee. I was also prescribed ointment for the arthritis which managed the pain a bit but the swelling continued. I had a couple sports massages done but my knee would swell up again. Some of my friends told me to try acupuncture. I contacted a few places and Dr Patel was the first one to respond. After two weeks of pain, I met with Dr Patel. I explained the circumstances to my injury and right off the bat she explained what the underlying issue is and off I went for my first acupuncture treatment. She also did the cupping treatment and wow, I felt the difference immediately. Not only did the swelling decrease but I was able to put more weight on that leg and walk without limping. I went the following week for another treatment and Dr Patel said I have sciatica which may be the root of the swelling and pain down my leg. COVID-19 came into play and my sessions were on hold for a few weeks. My sciatica was in full effect and getting a good nights sleep was challenging. When Dr Patel’s office opened up again I began seeing her once a week and could feel a difference after each session. The sharp pain I was feeling on the inside of my knee had subsided significantly and only slight swelling would occur after long walks or workouts. I wish I had started acupuncture and cupping treatments sooner. And I can’t say enough about the personal care and professionalism I received from Dr Patel each time I go in. She’s always determined to make sure I’m pain free and I am certainly on my way. Thank you Dr Patel for healing me and allowing me to continue my training when I was close to throwing in the towel.

Paula L.

Extremely professional. As soon as you walk inside the office you start feeling the warmth and love she puts into her job. She asked the right questions and really took care of me.
She explained the entire process and made it very easy for me to feel comfortable despite my fear of needles.

I left the office feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. Couldn’t ask for more. I loved it!

Thank you so much for your time.

Anna S.

Acupuncture / fire cupping is awesome with Dr. Patel!

Brief back pain history:
I was having a lot of back pain in my mid to lower torso. I went to my PC doctor, diagnosed with skeletal muscle tension on my right side causing a whole cascade of radiating pain to my upper back, shoulders, lower back, and difficulty breathing. The pain and difficulty breathing was giving me issues with running and being active. I was prescribed a heavier dosage of pain killer but opted not to take it (I was concerned with the side effects). I was recommended by a coworker to try acupuncture instead. So I looked around, read reviews, and thought why not try the holistic way.
(note: I’ve been suffering with the pain for about 7 months and was intensifying pretty quickly during the time.)

Thoughts on Dr. Patel:
– She’s super nice!
– Listens well to patients and very easy to talk to.
– She, not only helps you with your pain, but if you’re having issues with adult acne, she can help you with that too!
– She always makes sure you’re feeling comfortable with the needles and the placements. If some don’t feel comfortable, all you have to do is let her know and she’ll take it out right away and find other methods to help ease the pain.
– I didn’t even have to tell her where the central spot of pain was and she already knew by looking at my back.
– She thoroughly explains the process and if you have any concerns or questions, she will answer them right away.

Results, after one month of Acupuncture:
– My breathing feels back to normal, no pain while running.
– The right side of my back feels so much better! (there are times where I’ll slightly re-aggrivate it by running , but the pain is dull and bearable, and acupuncture session relieve it right away).
– Stiffness in my shoulders and back is gradually going away.

– I’m still continuing with treatments.
– I love fire cupping! It’s like a reverse massage (massage – you’re muscles are being pushed / fire cupping – you’re muscles are being pulled)
– I feel sore for a day or two around my back (treated area), but the soreness goes away and all the muscles feel relaxed.

I like acupuncture and fire cupping and definitely recommend it to others.


I’ve been going to Dr.Patel once a week since late November. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in good hands. She has a wonderful personality and puts you at ease right away. Her two little dogs are so sweet. I was on bed rest for more than a month last summer with nerve pain starting in my right lower back all the way to my right knee and couldn’t lift my left arm all the way around the same time. I’ve been in pain since then. She asked detailed questions about my health issues and within one session, my lower back felt almost normal and my left arm is significantly better. I have been telling everyone I know about her acupuncture services. My only regret is not having gone to see her sooner.

Lisa M.

Dr. Narali Patel is absolutely amazing! I had shoulder surgery 15 years ago and with the increasing pain thought I was going to need surgery again. I couldn’t even sleep on my side anymore. After seeing the doctor I am able to sleep on my shoulder and the pain is getting much more manageable. Miracle worker! And then I get to spend time with her puppies. 

Erika D.

Thank you Nirali!! My husband has pretty bad damage to his right MCL and after his first visit with Nirali he is optimistic that he doesn’t have to turn to surgery. He has been talking about his experience with everybody! We even referred the Executive VP of my company who also had wonderful things to say and has already made follow up appointments. Shout out to my friend Ali who recommended Nirali to us.

Ali M.

Amazing practitioner and incredible first time experience. Cupping and Acupuncture was always something I wanted to add to my self-care regimen, I’m so glad I found Nirali and Unique Remedy. She set my initial nerves at ease by walking me through step by step on what she was doing and more importantly why she was doing it. I have constant tension in my neck and shoulders, as an indoor cycling instructor, and this is the only treatment that relieves the pain. Highly recommend visiting Unique Remedy as part of your regular self care routine.

Devin W.

I had a stubborn shoulder tendinitis that would only partially improve with various therapies that I tried. It was frustrating because it was impeding my workouts. I was wondering if I’d ever be 100% back, until I started treatment with Nirali at Unique Remedy Acupuncture. Her needling was pain-free and she was able to locate exactly where my shoulder’s hidden problems were. 

After only 4 treatments, I was back to full workout and sports activities.  It’s been a few months and my shoulder still feels awesome. I highly recommend Unique Remedy Acupuncture!

Dr. Meg S.

Dr. Nirali Patel is my go-to Acupuncturist. She has helped me with digestive issues and stress. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for people looking to treat various internal issues with a holistic approach.

Elisha F.

This woman is truly an angel. Not only have I had the best experience in acupuncture and cupping with her but she is such a delightful person to be around. To sum it up real quick:

Nirali really cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to give you the best treatment.

She  really knows how to work her magic because in every session I go to I always fall asleep on her table and come out feeling very relaxed.

Although during some session I may feel somewhat sore, it’s a good kind of sore, knowing that your muscles are being worked on. I love getting my acupuncture and cupping done by Nirali and would definitely recommend her.

Also to note when going to her office you might be a little bit confused as to which one it is, but she works out of a space in Yuanyi Accupuncture Clinic.

Dr. Shel D.

Dr. Patel is not only an amazing accpinturist, she is a magician and healer combined.  I’ve been stressed out from life.  Work, personal… you know the saying – when it rains, it pours…. my chi was just off, not making the energy connections with those I needed to.  I felt bleh, and not in sync.  I researched around and came across Unique Remedy.  Walked in and was nervous.  Dr. Patel has a calming informative demeanor.  

I told her my issues and we pinned certain spots, cupped to increase my blood flow….  I just felt better and better.

After seeing her and getting my energy back and chi on where I wanted it – I feel things getting back to the way it used to be.  All thanks to doc!!

Mike L.

San Francisco, CA

When seeing doctors, practitioners etc., you often do not get a chance to discuss your issues much beforehand or even during the session. But Nirali at Unique Remedy spent quite a long time on the phone with me, to find out my main concerns before even going in to see her. She also wanted to make sure it was a good fit, which I appreciated.

Our sessions have helped me out quite a bit, whereas seeing a few other people before did not. I felt quite a bit better after the first couple sessions and on. She is gentle with the needles and explains the benefits as well.

Also, I was referred to Nirali from my girlfriend’s acupuncturist, since he did not treat my issues. So if another experienced acupuncturist is recommending her, you know she is good.

Viki P.

San Francisco, CA

I started seeing Dr. Patel a little over a month ago. I was seeking something outside of conventional medicine/treatment for Rosecea. I was diagnosed over a year ago and had no idea how this skin condition would take over my life. Over time, the redness and flareups got worse and spread across my entire face. I was doing endless research, trying to find someone who could help me. I was asking anyone and everyone if they knew someone that could help me. I was given Dr. Patel’s information by a client. I was skeptical in the beginning because everyone else that gave me hope, fell short!!

Since my first visit with Dr. Patel, she made me feel extremely comfortable. She is very personable and talks about her own battles that she’s dealt with. She recommends things that I should do (i.e. diet, skin products, etc), but never pushes. She tells me to do whatever I’m comfortable with, but then will also let me know that the results will take longer. She explains every step of the treatment and welcomes questions.

If you are in search of an acupuncturist, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Patel. No matter what concern we are dealing with, we need to feel comfortable with the person that is helping/treating us, and Dr. Patel is that person. She is non-judgemental and really cares for her patients:)

Marilyn W.

San Mateo, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nirali Patel for a few months now and I’ve seen a big improvement on my overall health.  I was referred by a friend since I needed to control my blood pressure and some other issues.  Dr.  Patel is very personable, caring and very thorough.   I feel much better overall and would highly recommend her!

Elizabeth C.

San Mateo, CA

I am so happy to have met Nirali.  Through her treatments (acupuncture and cupping), I have had significant positive health changes.  I had never used cupping before so this has been very interesting and helpful!  She also has a wonderful skincare line that I love.  I have very sensitive skin and have only seen wonderful results.

Nayan Patel

My company moved to an “open office” setup and we no longer have assigned desks/chairs.  As as result of this, my shoulders, neck, and back started to get super tense and painful.  

Dr. Patel immediately noticed my tense muscles and her treatments helped alleviate my pain.  She truly cares about her patients and making them feel better.  She also performed cupping on me and was sensitive to my pain areas and even recommended exercises I should perform at home to help strengthen my back muscles.  

All in all, I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend her.  I live in LA but get a treatment every time I’m in the area for work.

Josh F.

San Francisco, CA

Being my first experience with acupuncture I was not sure what to expect…just as the previous review stated. Although, I have been wanting to try this type of treatment for a while. Having been an avid user of massage treatments, I know my body still needs help. A friend referred me to Nirali and I was far from disappointed. 

Meeting Nirali was a very pleasant and inviting experience. Since this was the first visit, she was patient in taking time to understand not just my issues, but me as a person (what I do, what I like, what causes stress, etc). This was so welcoming and unexpected. She made certain she understood what would be the best treatment for me. 

Since writing this review I’ve actually had two treatments and plan on more in the future. The first treatment on my back. She placed needles in the spots that needed the most attention to help me with my problems. She rubbed some oils, and then went to cupping. The cupping was amazing. I left feeing so relaxed and rejuvenated. My second treatment was different. It was a face-up treatment to address other issues like, sleep deprecation and bad digestion.  Although it was a different treatment I still felt great afterwards, despite a lack of sleep. Nirali then gave me some herbs to take home as well as other remedies to help with my specific issues. 

Nirali goes way beyond just being an acupuncturist.  She strives  to truly be a unique remedy to whatever issues you may be facing. Definitely recommend for anyone, whether your a first timer like me or have been getting acupuncture for a while. You won’t be disappointed!

Tyrone C.

This was my first time getting acupuncture so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nirali was very warm and welcoming when I arrived and I was seen very quickly. She made me feel very comfortable even though I was very unsure what to ask. She was able to narrow down exactly what my main areas of concern were with such ease. I was pleasantly surprised. The actual treatment of the acupuncture was quite painless once she begun (I could tell she’s been doing this a while). A few times I forgot the needles were even there and felt super relaxed the whole time after. I ended with a cupping treatment on my back where the cup suction acts as a deep tissue massage. She said there are different levels of intensity but mine probably fell in the middle range. I’m still a beginner. I need to work up to next level I guess :). She also had some awesome oils for the back that were quite soothing post treatment. I left feeling amazing. Would definitely recommend her to any new or experienced acupuncture patient.

Bonus: Easy parking for those who are driving.

John C.

As an endurance athlete I have found great success with injury prevention, treatment, and general maintenance at this wonderful practice. Nirali does incredible work and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone considering acupuncture. You will be glad you went.

Jennifer S.

I feel incredibly grateful to have found this practice. I was struggling with dry, breakout prone skin as well as all too regular headaches. The holistic approach with Nirali’s skincare line, acupuncture, and her expertise has made all the difference. I feel really listened to and love that I have recently started adding cupping treatments to my visits.

I look forward to each treatment and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Oona K.

My son and I having been seeing Dr. Patel for a little over 9 months for acupuncture and cupping.  I love cupping. When I began I was having stomach issues, insomnia, headaches, Menopause issues, and I smoked a pack a day.  My 25 year old son suffers from Marfan, which gives him constant bone pain and stomach issues as well.  

Well, I’ve stopped smoking!!!!   I rarely have any stomach issues, my sleeping is improving each month, so my energy is returning. No hot flashes, and I haven’t had a margarine since I began treatment.  

Not to mention my son’s health issue have improved as well.   

Dr. Nirali Patel is absolutely amazing.  I can not thank her enough for helping my son and I with all our health issues, and giving us our life back. THANK YOU

Selina T.

I’ve been seeing Nirali for just over a year now.  I have (unfortunately) various ailments and have been treated for all of them.

Nirali has been great in trying various techniques to “needle & cup” away at those issues. She talks through what her plans are and takes the time to explain the treatments.

Gentle and most of all, helps keep my daughter occupied (when I have to bring her).

Nirali is personable, experienced, truly cares about her patients and doesn’t rush through the process. I can also doze off for a bit too. I highly recommend her.

Viktoriya N.

Went to see Nirali for a skin issue that was bothering me for a while. Not only was she able to help through acupuncture and herbs, but she also has her own skin care line! How amazing is that? It did miracles for my skin. I also had shoulder pain that was bothering me and asked her to work on it as well. With one session of acupuncture and cupping it felt loads better. She is very profession and compassionate at the same time. And VERY knowledgable. She was able to council me in diet and helped me make beneficial life style changes that made me feel better all around and helped prevent future health issues. I love seeing her and would recommend her to anyone.

Rosalidia D.

Redwood City, CA

Dr Nirali’s products are amazing. I’m completely in love with how effective they are. I used to spend hundreds on high end brands but now I have switched to her anti-aging eye balm, facial cleanser and clay masks; not only is my face radiant and fine line free but I have saved a lot by switching to her products. Thank you Dr. Nirali!!

Zachary S.

I’ve used a myriad of skincare products over the years. Many of these I’ve discontinued using, as they dried out my skin or were too abrasive. I am picky when it comes to what I put on my skin, and I’m always reading the ingredients to make sure I’m not using some synthetic chemicals which are known to disrupt hormones.

As a male, it’s difficult to find a good line of products that work with both skin types, our selection is very limited.

I was excited to discover an organic skincare line, with oil based cleansers and serums. I’ve replaced my Kieh’s calendula tonic with Hello Beautiful’s calendula serum, which I use post-shave to calm my skin and hydrate. The serum sticks better and is more calming/hydrating. I find the mint tingle cleanser to also be refreshingly soothing, and it surprisingly washes out very easily with water, yet leaves the skin feeling naturally hydrated but not oily. I tend to run on the more oily side, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how my skin has received these products; it feels well-balanced and looks great. It also seems more effective for preventing my wrinkles than my old facial lotion, which had a watery viscosity and mostly evaporated away. Can’t wait to use other products in this line, and see how good it is at keeping me looking young!

Niyati H.

I recently got a Skin Consultation from Dr. Patel and I am more than happy to get some amazing advice!! I am currently using these 2 products and here is my review for each of them-

Lip hydrator- When it comes to beauty products I am usually the person who sticks to one product until they stop making it. I can say for sure this is going to be my lip balm till the time Unique Remedy stops to make them (I hope they never stop!) This balm has all the natural ingredients which has helped me regain the original lip color, which I lost after using products made with nothing but chemicals! Also, the packaging is so convenient that I can take it literally everywhere with me!! This is my to go product anyday!

Eye balm- If only I had a before and after photo of my dark under-eye bags, I could actually prove what I am trying to say. Dr. Patel’s advice was very helpful and her suggested routine is really helping me with my dark circles and oily eyes. I would definitely recommend this eye balm to every female on this earth so that they can have the pretty eyes they’ve always wanted!!

Looking forward to use the other products made by Unique Remedy.

Juhi J.

Love love the skincare products! I’ve tried various products and they are all great! They have been great for my skin! They made my skin soft and decreased the redness and improved my acne. Definitely would recommend the unique remedy skincare line. Nirali is awesome and always sweet and welcoming!

Grace K.

I have been using the Blemish Blur Cleansing Oil for over 2 months now and I love how easy and clean my face feels after I use it. I wear makeup everyday and before using Blemish Blur, I had to use a separate makeup remover then a cleanser to take the day off my face. Now, I only use BB and it effectively removes makeup and waterproof mascara! It rinses easily with warm water (but I prefer to use a soft face cloth to wipe off any residues of the day). That’s it! I haven’t had any breakouts or clogged pores from using an oil-based cleanser, and my skin feels great after cleansing.

*An extra bonus is that I feel safe using this product as a pregnant momma knowing that there are no harsh chemicals that could potentially harm baby*

Caitlin L.

I love the Brightening Cleansing Oil from Hello Beautiful! I admit I was skeptical at first that an “oil” could really remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling clean. Not only does my skin feel amazing after using it, the process couldn’t be easier! The cleansing oil washes off easily with a couple of splashes of water. I’ve been having issues with acne dark spots and I noticed improvement within a week after starting use of this product! It’s amazing and can’t wait to try other Hello Beautiful products!


I’ve never been so happy to wash my face as I am with my cleansing oil from Hello Beautiful Skin! In the past, it was typical for me to skip washing my face at night because I didn’t feel like the harshness of a splash of water in my face followed by scrubbing it with soap. Now, I use the Citrus Fresh cleansing oil and massage it all over my face while the water warms up, and then I rinse it off at a nice relaxing temperature that doesn’t wake me up at bedtime. My skin is softer than it’s been in years, and my makeup just glides on. I’ll be a permanent customer!

Sabrina L.

The products feel great. I enjoy massaging the cleansing and serum oils into my face as part of my winding down my day regimen, knowing that the ingredients are doing wonders for my skin. The feeling after washing is fresh with no greasy residue, leaving my skin soft and clean. The following day, I wake up to better skin than the night before. I highly recommend trying the cleansers as an alternative to others that may cause dry and under nourished skin. This is the remedy for problem and sensitive skin!”

Victoria S.

I love love love these products!

I’ve been searching for a skincare line that is all natural and organic because I have sensitive and acne prone skin. I have tried so many drug store and high end products on my face, and nothing worked for me. I met Nirali at a networking event and she gave me samples of her cleanser, and some scrubs and I have to say, my skin was addicted! I could see a noticeable difference in just a week of using her products and my skin was glowing. I’m glad I found a skincare line that I can trust and that uses all natural ingredients. Thanks Nirali.

Shilpa C.

Mint Tingle cleanser – I have healthy but sensitive skin and am always cautious about the products I use for fear that I may react badly to something.  Hello Beautiful’s mint tingle oil cleanser is gentle enough for me to use every day and leaves my face feeling fresh, soft, and clean.  Best of all, I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and don’t need to worry about what chemicals I’m slathering on my face.  Love that I found my daily cleanser!

Viktoriya N.

Serum – I’m in love with this new Serum! I’ve struggled with problematic skin since my teenage years and recently I started using professional grade esthetics products. However, since I’m also an Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I’ve been wanting to replace these products with more natural ones. When I started using this serum I found that not only does it help prevent breakouts, but it doesn’t dry out my skin while it does so. Plus the smell is heavenly! Great product all around – I highly recommend it.

Mint Tingle – What a wonderful refreshing face wash! The minty smell feels like it awakens my senses and the beads give me the deep clean I need. All in all, it is the perfect combination: a gentle make-up remover, natural ingredients, and clearer pores. Perfect.

Caroline P.

I started going to Unique Remedy Acupuncture for anxiety issues, and saw Dr. Nirali Patel. This was the first time I had tried acupuncture over western medicine for the symptoms I was having, and it proved to help with much more than just anxiety alone. After about two sessions, I felt calmer and more grounded all together. I have (almost) completely stopped taking my prescribed anxiety medicine as needed after starting treatment with Dr. Patel.

Some other benefits I experienced after receiving regular acupuncture were better sleep, MUCH better concentration at work, feeling calmer overall, and improved happiness. 

Dr. Patel takes time to sit down with me before each appointment, to really assess how I am feeling each week, and what I would like to focus on for the upcoming treatment. She always remembers exactly what we were working on the week prior, and treats me like an individual patient she cares about, not just another appointment of the day. 

Dr. Nirali Patel is well educated, very sweet, and always professional. She has been a pleasure to work with over the past several months.

Cristina E.

Dr Nirali Patel is absolutely amazing.

She will go far and beyond to make her patients feel comfortable and well taken cared for. She gives her patients ample time to make sure that she is treating them with the utmost care.

She is further studying the cases that she is treating to ensure she applies the latest studies and proven practices for your particular condition.

Karthik I.

Dr. Nirali Patel is an amazing, insightful and caring doctor.

I have been going to her, to get my treatments, for a little less than an year and I highly recommend her. She has been helping me with a few musculoskeletal injuries – AC Joint issues, rhomboid, rotator cuff and other shoulder strains, that I have got from working out.

I have also introduced my wife to Dr. Nirali who is treating her for migraines and other niggling health issues. If you have found yourself dealing with any injuries, do yourself a favor and make an appointment at Unique Remedy with Dr. Nirali Patel to speed up your recovery process.

Tifanei M.

The skin/face care products SAVED me. I could not figure out why my skin was in such a rebellious state and Dr. N Patel helped me to identify the problem and recommend a few products. My skin is healed and happy, and really—so am I. Eternally grateful.


I’ve been seeing Nirali over the course of 6-8 months and she is just such a wealth of knowledge. She truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond explaining what she’s doing. She checks in on how I’m feeling and symptoms at every single visit. She really educates you and I’ve found this empowering. I’ve been able to incorporate products she’s researched and recommended into my day-to-day, and it’s made a huge difference. She makes it so easy so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the right products. She also has an amazing skincare line, I’ve used her pearl powder and it’s amazing for healing blemishes. She’s made a big impact on my life & so glad to be working with her.

Brittany P.

Highly recommend! My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years now and I heard acupuncture could help. Nirali was recommended to me by a friend so I started seeing her and she made me feel more than comfortable in her office and my husband even started seeing her too. After 2 months of seeing her we got pregnant!! We are so overwhelmed with joy and we cannot thank her enough for all her support and positivity through this process. Not only is Nirali a professional she is now a friend. Everyone is different so I am not saying 2 months and boom you’re pregnant but this definitely put us in a step towards the right direction and if you’re scared don’t be because it doesn’t hurt at all. It will help you achieve your goal and better yourself in the long run.

Emily S.

I have been going here for nearly a year and a life saver for my neck but more recently she helped me eleviate the pain from shingles in a single session. Highly recommend!

Avni P.

Dr. Patel was wonderful! When you have a serious medical problem, you need someone you can rely on and trust – and Dr. Patel was there for me every step of the way. She took the time to listen to me and walk me through my treatment options. She worked with a specialist to figure out my treatment and make sure it was what was best for me. She always made a point to make sure I knew my options. She never rushed me and I felt that I was in really good hands.

James L.

Dr. Nirali Patel was excellent. She diagnosed what was going on with me easily and was able to recommend a good specialist. She really listened and took the time to answer all of my questions without feeling like I was being rushed out the door. Her office was nice and easy to find too. Had a great experience with a great doctor!